2009 Gardening Resolutions

If your friends or family members are gardeners, you will never run out of gift ideas for special occasions. The only problem will be deciding what gardening tool or accessory to buy. We think of gardens in connection with spring and summer but there are garden gifts suitable for any season of the year. Customizing the gift to suit the interests and personality of the gardener guarantees a gift your friend will cherish and use.

Mulching is an art you will want to acquire. Mulch can be made from a lot of different materials. I use straw most of the time in my garden, because it is easy to get locally. But, you can use compost, dried grass clippings, newspaper, leaves, or you can purchase biodegradable mulch from your garden center.

If you have a problem with tree roots or an area that remains water-logged no matter what, then the above paragraph equally applies. Are you coming round to the idea yet?

A Gardeners Block is similar to what writers call a Writers Block. If you browse the internet for a solution to a Writers Block, you’ll find a million cures. I’m not an expert on Writer Blocks so I don’t know if any of these cures work. But it seems all these different cures have one thing in common: whatever you do, keep writing. I guess it’s the same when you suffer form what I call a Gardeners Block. Whatever you do: keep hovenier eindhoven but… get out of your garden!

As a rule problems show up when you try something your greenhouse is not equipped for or when you do not follow instructions. So let’s take a look at the most common problems encountered by new dome greenhouse gardeners so you can avoid them.

Gloves. You might not think of getting a gardener a pair of gloves because they probably already have a pair. Yet, gloves do make a great gift because they wear out over time. As well, lighter gloves are good for summer, while thicker gloves are better for spring, fall or any of the tough jobs that need to be done around the yard.

Container gardens are ideal for small patio decks or yards that are limited on space. Window boxes, 5 gallon tubs, and assorted clay and plastic pots will yield many great tasting vegetables and be a wonderful hobby for anyone who is interested in growing their own veggies.

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