5 Simple Techniques For matcha green tea

If you are not already aware of what matcha green tea is, it is essentially a tea that is special to certain areas of Japan ( specifically in the Kyoto prefecture). What makes it so unique is the way that it is grown (under bamboo sheets for the last few months of manufacturing – to permit the leaves to full of chlorophyll) and the manner in which it is refined (ground, on typical rock mills).

The truth that, with matcha, you are in fact consuming the tea leaves themselves, as opposed to the steeped water with standard environment-friendly teas, indicates that you receive just the same health and wellness benefits, but intensified.


Unlike popular belief, matcha environment-friendly tea does really consist of caffeine.

Now, to many, this may be viewed as a negative thing, yet with matcha, there is additionally a all-natural amino-acid acquired called L-Theanine (a all-natural mood enhancer) which works in mix with the high levels of caffeine to deliver a sustainable release of energy over 6 hrs.

So unlike coffee, where you obtain a substantial rush of caffeine-fuelled power, after that the following moment you are burnt-out. Matcha in fact extends this power release supplied by caffeine, to maintain you sharp as well as active all day.


Several years earlier, Buddhist monks utilized to consume matcha prior to enduring 12-hour meditation sessions to help them remain calm and also focussed.

This, once again, is to the L-Theanine material of matcha.

L-Theanine is shown to aid boost the mind whilst preserving a strong feeling of calmness as well as leisure at the same time – which are quite contradictory sensations, yet it works nonetheless.


Eco-friendly tea, as a whole, has been confirmed to help in the process of thermogenesis (the creation of heat in one’s body) which, consequently, also increases metabolic rate.

Considered that matcha is basically an ‘ intensified’ version of conventional eco-friendly tea, it provides this advantage but on a greater range.


Again, research studies carried out by the British Medical Foundation discovered that environment-friendly tea, in general, is proven to help reduce one’s cholesterol as well as consequently maintain a healthy and balanced heart.

Matcha, as a result, provides the very same benefit, but to greater impact.


Because of the truth that, with matcha, you take in the tea leaves themselves, a research by the College of Colorado discovered that matcha actually contains 137x the anti-oxidants of typical GT. Significance, matcha is great for freing the body of contaminants.

As a matter of fact, matcha consists of extra anti-oxidants than most various other ‘superfoods’.

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