5 Ways To Decide If A Bathroom Remodel Makes Sense

If you have a cramped bathroom in your home, a small bathroom remodel can help you to have more space. Choosing the correct fixtures can give you the feeling of more space and also create a little more space without changing the walls.

It’s easy to plan for where the sink should go, where the toilet should go and where the shower stall should go. Who is it again that’s responsible for where the power outlets go? You’ll need to think carefully about where everyone will want to use appliances in the bathroom – shavers, hair dryers, even bathroom entertainment units and “massage devices” need to be plugged in somewhere. Even if you don’t plan on all of this going on in your bathroom, someone who wants to buy your home one day may. It can be a very unpleasant inconvenience to put up all the tiles and the stone on the wall and then to realize that there isn’t a power outlet where you need one. Make sure that no one ever comes to curse the bathroom remodeling contractors homewood al designers for not thinking ahead.

Legal Issues – Do you know which building codes you need to worry about? If you are installing or changing electrical components are they to code as well? Mistakes with bathroom electrics can not only be costly but deadly as well.

ODeciding on your look. Only you can do this of course and even if you paid a professional decorator to come up with options for you, you would have to make the final choice. All you need to build your own kitchen cabinets at this stage is the Internet. There you will find all the design ideas you need as well as all the manufacturers’ showroom layouts. You can even find used kitchen cabinets as opposed to ‘new buy’ for a real bargain makeover.

Different people need different bathrooms. If you have a large family, the chances are you will want to focus on stylish durability, to meet the rigours of family life. More delicate fittings might not be so appropriate. If your bathroom is primarily a relaxing haven, you will want to focus on things like the choice of elegant bathtubs available on the market, to create a blissful space. A wonderful whirlpool tub, with a whirlpool tub shower surround could be just the ticket. Softer lighting may be more important. It’s also a good idea to consider how much storage you need in your bathroom and how you can incorporate it into your vision.

Take it a step further. There are hundreds of kitchen remodeling companies out there who make decorative inserts for tile. I could probably think of twenty or so off the top of my head. The mediums are just as prolific. Artists are creating decorative tile accents out of glass, metal, plastic, cement, resins, ceramics and porcelain. If your setting your tile on a diagonal inside a frame, you may want to consider one of these options. You can cut the corners of four tiles in your frame and insert one of these decorative inlays. You may want to pick a metal that ties in with your cabinet hardware, or maybe a glass mosaic that pulls out a color in your granite counter top.

Don’t gut your entire bathroom at once. DIY remodels are best done one fixture at a time to prevent getting overwhelmed. Plan your remodel in logical sections.

Last of all, there are limited colors available, which many find a problem. While companies are trying to come up with more color choices today, the colors are still limited.

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