Becoming A Home Inspector

When you’ve found a home inspector you think you’d like to hire, put him on the spot. You’ve got a lot at stake. Interview him and give him the chance to tell you why you should choose him. Here are some questions you can ask him.

Your home inspector will be looking at the kitchen and bathrooms and any other places that may have water problems or drainage problems. He will even check to see if the toilets flush properly. Remember I said that electrical problems were found in most homes. Your home inspection will go around and check out the outlets to make sure that they work. Did you know over 40,000 fires occur every year because of faulty electrical systems? That in itself is a very important reason to have a home inspection done before you buy a home.

If you live in a state where real estate transactions are handled by real estate attorneys, your attorney should write a letter specifying why you’re withdrawing from the contract. Otherwise, be sure to send the documentation to the seller to get out of the deal and get your money back. If you don’t comply with the terms of the contract, you could lose any money you put towards the purchase of the home.

Inspectors come with a wide variety in education levels. Some only have a high school level of education. Others may have spent their whole lives as a roofer and think that this will make them experienced enough to do a whole home inspection. You are hiring a person to look over many systems of your future home. You should hire a person who has taken a course in home inspection. Home inspection courses provide a person with a good general knowledge of how each and every system in a home operates and how to check them. Hiring a person who has done roofing for 20 years and has no other training only makes that person qualified to work on my roof, maybe. I have seen plenty of poor roofing jobs.

When you sign an Agreement To Purchase, one of the conditions usually includes having a home inspection performed to your satisfaction to ensure there is nothing wrong with the home that may have gone unnoticed during your initial visit. Your real estate agent will want you to do a home inspection for your own protection, but mostly because it reduces their liability and satisfies their requirement for full disclosure. If you think about it for a minute, at this point, the real estate agent does not want to lose the sale and will not recommend any inspector that could jeopardize his or her commission.

A garage door without a motor should be opened and closed manually to check it. Doors with motors should be checked for proper and safe operation. While the mode of operating a motorized door may vary, there should be a means of operating the door from the outside. Does the door open smoothly, quietly and safely? Is there a means of reversing the door, and does it work as it should?

There are different kinds of garage doors, such as those made of wood, hardboard on a wood frame, steel, fiberglass on a steel frame, fiberglass, and aluminum. They can have glazed panes in a wide variety of styles.

Remember, no house is perfect, including newly built houses. It’s because of your initial home inspection that you’re able to think clearly about what you want to do and how you plan to negotiate a solution to the problem. It was that all important home inspection that revealed the true condition of the home to begin with.

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