Best List Building – Top Promotion Techniques

Write out all the publications your IDEAL clients read – both online and offline. This will take some work, some research, and some surveys. Find newspapers, trade magazines, general magazines, ezines, paid newsletters, newsgroups, chat rooms, forums, and blogs – find everything that is humanly possible.

Fact: websites NEED traffic to flourish. It can survive without traffic but that would be nonsensical since most websites were made to be visited. Also, websites can have monetary value because of traffic. How much did Google buy YouTube again? Oh, just 1.65 BILLION dollars in shares. With that kind of financial value pegged on high-traffic websites, it’s not a surprise when many website owners or builders dream of, or aim at having traffic by the millions.

Small business owners and marketing staff need to ask themselves, “Why do we have a search engines submit site, in the first place?” The answer is usually that you are interested in getting new clients to do something. You might want them to visit your store. You might want them to call you on the phone. Or, you could want them to sign up for an email list so you can send them promotions.

Wouldn’t it be great if the guys trying to sell you ridiculously expensive books, courses and seminars on Internet Marketing were right? I mean – how great would it be if all you had to do was toss a site up on the ‘Net, send out a bunch of e-mails for free or nearly free and then go goof off on the beach while the Web filled your bank account to overflowing for you?

OBuild a profile for yourself on a social networking site or start a few blog sites and use the resources they offer you. Just share the resources you create and wait till people start book-marking you. Upload and install feed burners as well as RSS feeds on your site to let your customers know what you’re offering him and stay up-to-date. Just try spreading your business out further and the chance of getting towards the target of mastering Web 2.0 marketing.

Make a community forum where your visitors are free to exchange ideas and messages. With this, you are able to know the matters that concern your visitors. Know all their concerns and make topics out of it. Interesting topics are usually derived from forum itself. Your visitors are given reasons to visit your website.

Find a marketer that is willing to help or exchange some efforts. Keep trying and persistence will prevail. You can learn so much by working with other marketers. This could cut your learning curve drastically.

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