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Belly dancing is not a striptease act but a beautiful cultural dance in the Middle East. You have to give credit to the women – they can do the belly roll in graceful motions without huffing and puffing. What do you know? It’s the hardest part to learn before you can dream of belly dancing under the cedars of Lebanon.

Oh yes, this is definitely a day for ‘him’ to step up. You’ve spend practically the whole of December rushing around, buying everybody’s presents for everybody else, wrapping, cooking, food shopping and everything else that comes with Christmas. Valentines Day is a day that you can be doted upon.

We took US Highway 1 south. We made several stops at Monterrey and Carmel to play with our dog, Xuer. We ate lunch in one of the fashionable restaurants in Carmel. By the time we reached San Simeon, it was already dark. The hotel kindly upgraded our accommodation to a semi-suite for the three of us and our dog for a very reasonable fee.

Even those who think Rigondeaux (11-0, 8 knockouts) has a fairly good chance of pulling the upset at New York’s Radio City Music Hall are hard-put to explain how, and the former Cuban Olympic page medalist is no help on that front. He says he expects to figure it out in the ring, as he always does. Which unfortunately for him is one of those areas in which Donaire is probably the best in the world.

Hang paper snowflakes in the window. If a white Christmas isn’t in the forecast, at least your guest can pretend there’s snow outside with paper snowflakes decorating the windows. Here’s some great instructions for making your own 6 sided paper snowflakes.

In summer they sometimes cycled the five miles to Hainault Forest to pick blackberries. At least, the two girls did the cycling and Sam and Keith perched on the handlebars. He remembered that the metal brake levers would pinch his thighs if he weren’t careful.

Even if there is a shop willing to buy your items in your area, it is still worth going to your computer to check out the competition. After all, you will want to fetch the best possible price when selling gold jewelery to raise some cash for yourself.

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