Christian Music Radio Legend Signs Off

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is having free admission all day January 16 for MLK Day. Go and see Hank, the new Asian elephant- it’s his 24th birthday!

After following the breadcrumbs between the two time periods you will finally near your goal. One of the key points I look for in any new game is if it has replayability or different outcomes. While the game was enjoyable, once you have completed it I doubt you will go through it again. (Side note-I did, just so I could get all the achievements possible. What can I say, I’m an achievement whore.) There are three possible endings you can receive, but just in case you’re wondering, you don’t have to play the whole game to see them. In fact, the game saves itself right at the end so you can make one of your three choices and turn around and it do it again.

Find inspirational background music or daily quoteto set the mood for the day. Even light yoga in the morning or just before starting your day can help. Anything that can set the mood and tone will help slowly rejuvenate you.

The tables and seating that you use will be very important. Often in cocktail areas, you will find tables that are tall, but small in dimension. These can be perfect as a place to set down light munchies and drinks. Because they are designed to be stood at, rather than used as a place to sit and park, the tall cocktail tables also encourage guests to mingle and socialize.

I played Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal for the first time today, I must say I wasn’t very impressed with the game, I think Ill just stick to the original RUA. First off the game is just a knock off of the second, the only thing changed are the graphics of the characters and platforms + the background music. Personally it seems like everything blends a little too much, I mean yeah there is a nice scoring system where those of us who get high scores can show off at the end and all, but overall I must say the game is rather… well repetitive.

Usually, most sites tend to place a navigation bar at the top of the page. For some sites, you will see the navigation bar is placed at the left hand side of the page. People are now used to where the navigation bar is, so you should give them what they are familiar with.

Many persons simply will not understand and are likely to criticize or even ridicule your efforts. This can even happen with members of your own family. So be careful. You do not need any more negativity. Lord knows, we sure have enough in our own minds, right?

Every night you go to sleep, but most have no idea what happens. This is what happens….you are tired, you think bedtime….you lie down and begin to daydream. Your brainwaves change in frequency, becoming closer to the theta state. Pictures and images begin to appear in your mind’s eye….the screen of darkness that you see when you close your eyes. Pretty soon these images become movies, and as soon as you make the transition from subconsciously observing these images to becoming a participant in the movie, you fall asleep….the trick is, see the images but do not get involved in the movie. Let it go. Concentrate only on one thing, maybe your breath…..go deeper and deeper…. and awaken, to a new dawn.

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