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April Fool’s Day, the 1st day in the middle Spring, is really a great time for joke and play. Have you already had funny pranks in mind? Do you want to make a special PowerPoint presentation for April Fool’s Day so that you can show it on YouTube, email to fun your friends and post on your WordPress or Blogger? Sounds amazing. You can make it with this helpful tool: Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Newly-added Disable DVD Menu option makes you flexibly determine whether retaining DVD Menu on DVD output. Without the DVD menu, your presentation will play automatically once the disc is sent into DVD player and it will loop till you stop it.

There are two questions you should ask yourself before beginning your presentation, picking a theme or moving forward: “what does your audience want to hear from you?” and “how do you want to leave your audience after you present?”. The first question addresses how to make your audience love you by giving them what they want, and the second addresses how to make a lasting impact. Consider these two questions as you plan out your presentation slide by slide and point by point.

A human being raised as one of Santa’s elves, have you ever thought of that? The story tells about a baby name Buddy who stowed away in Santa’s sack and was taken to North Pole. He was raised by elves but after inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size he was sent to the U.S in search of his true identity. But his father had no idea he was ever born. Will Buddy find the true family love in the end?

CONS – Not many in my opinion. The only downside I see is if you purchase a template and decide you don’t like it or want to change designs, you cannot request a refund as templates are electronic products and cannot be returned. So you need to make sure you are picking the right template before you purchase it.

Family reunion is for the love between family members and friends. We can make DVD slideshow with our own photos, stories, and words. Let’s imagine: happy holiday, dear family members and the precious moments! Don’t you think it makes more sense?

To show the presentation better, some special transition effects and animations can be added by clicking animations. Then you can make your own design.

At the end of the day, there is one main clear point to remember: WE as PRESENTERS are the number one visual for our audience. Our PowerPoint templates are just be there to assist us.

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