Organize Social Media Accounts – The Only Tip You Will Ever Need!

I had the pleasure to listen to Tracey’s webinar last Wednesday. A thousand people were on the call listening to how Tracey Walker has generated over 18,000 visitors in January just by blogging. She has built a huge contact list and personally sponsored over 100 people in less then a year in her primary business. She shows several of her strategies live on the call. Also she created a step-by-step DVD you can purchase called Be Blog Savvy.

You should think of your website as a lynch pin to your communication strategy, directing every externally pointing piece of PR back to it. Constantly bringing people back to the centre in order to ultimately buy from you. That PR could be your business cards through to your Twitter page.

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Make online communication a daily habit just as checking email is a daily habit, keep your communication consistent and be persistent. It WILL pay off.

With the recent explosion of Socialreseller sites such as Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter, people are only too willing to share video, photos of their own as well as others content.

When you are small, you can act faster than your larger competitors. You can be creative and share your skills and services now without all the bureaucracy.

“Special Head” uses meditation to literally rise his body into the air with his mind. He rose his body from a built pyramid on stage & then disappeared. He reappeared on top of another building outside. The judges were baffled & confused by this performance.

I have shared with your several different ways to avoid failed or failing social media relationships. This should help you in the long run and give you a guideline for your next writing task.

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