Part 68: Art In Fresno’s Christian Churches

One of the most popular and reliable toy brands around is Lego. For a few decades, it entertains kids while teaching them problem solving skills, imagination, and creativity. There are thousands of different models and sets are on market now, giving you lots of choices that are not available with any other toy.

When my boys were this age, the Nerf arsenal of weapons showed up pretty high on their birthday wish list. Nerf weapons are really still one of the better toy bargains out there; for $7.99, you have your pick of the Xtreme of the Maverick Nerf guns. Remember back-of-the-door basketball hoop sets? Nerf still produces this popular birthday toy for kids of all ages, for a mere $3.99.

If you’re still not certain what to do for your very first unit study, try “following” your child(ren) around for a couple days and watch what they do. For instance, if your child spends all of his/her time engrossed in books, then think about a literature-based unit study (ie how books are made). On the other hand, your child may spend his/her time outside digging for rocks. Then why not do an archeology or rocks and minerals unit study?

Atlanta, 30303. From 12-2pm. Fall fun for children; ages 5-12. Movie at noon; “Monsters vs Aliens” and legos at 1pm for those who enjoy a “block” party. Light refreshments.

Chemistry Fun for Kids of All Ages Have fun learning about chemistry from the American Chemical Society students. Learn the science of silly putty, see a trash can rocket into the air and much more.

There is a huge difference between vacationing in Houston as opposed to Austin. During the oil boom of the 1980’s, Houston grew into a large metropolitan city with big buildings and a bigger amount of traffic. There are over six hundred hotels and ten thousand restaurants that cater to tourists. Houston has a large number of museums to visit. Spend some time at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Hobby Boss 135th GCT 155mm AU-F1 Step By Step Full Build and the Holocaust Museum. The Children’s Museum of Houston and the Space Center will provide hours of entertainment for families that are visiting. Marvel at the incredible Wall of Water as thousands of gallons of water falls sixty four feet a minute. Enjoy some quiet time at the Villa De Matel Convent.

The Science of Gummy Worms Learn the science of gummy worms with a hands-on experiment for any age. Also, support the UMD Food Science Club by having an ice cold slushy, fresh frozen fruit or gourmet cookies.

As for the rest of Maine, the next walk is May 6 so go and get a night on the town. Bring friends, family, a date, or just go alone! It is sure to be an enjoyable evening no matter whom you are with! Feel free to view First Friday Art Walk for a full list of participants along with all the upcoming dates to join in on the excitement!

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