Reverse Lookup – It Can’t Really Be This Easy, Can It?

Do you know what caller ID spoofing is? If not you could be the victim of a hoax, a joke or even a crime. Caller ID Spoofing is when someone calls you up and using a caller ID spoof card, tricks your caller ID display into identifying the caller as someone else.

You then look at the next three numbers of that string of telecharger number book digits. This is the prefix, and this helps you learn even more about the number in question. You have to search for that prefix within the specific area code, as they can repeat in each different code throughout the country. What this tells you is the town, or the part of a city from which a call comes. That may be all you need to know to find out who the caller is and even what they may want with you.

You can perform a reverse phone check from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most reverse phone check companies allow you to do a free preliminary search to see if the phone number is in their database. If it is in the database you can decide to purchase the identifying information associated with that phone number. It costs just under $15 for a one-time search and just under $40 for a year-long, unlimited search subscription.

One of my favorite features of VOIP is the video phone feature. GlobaLinx allows you to speak in color and see what the other person is doing while your talking to them. So if you have a family member who lives far away, or in the military, or college this is a great way of keeping up with them. You can see them in color on your computer or your smartphone, you even have an option of seeing them on a video phone provided by GlobaLinx. If your college student or military loved one doesn’t have a video phone you can provide them one through GlobaLinx also.

If you subscribed to a toll-free number service just for this purpose, and you achieved what you wanted by finding and reporting the individual, then you can discontinue the toll-free service at any time. Most do not require a contract.

Blocking spam emails can also be a challenge. If you have to provide your email address in application forms, it’s a good idea to set up disposable accounts. You can provide these email accounts and then check them regularly to ensure that you don’t miss any vital mails. Avoid providing your email id on any public forum where spambots will pick it up for their lists.

So stop worrying about those harassing calls from unknown callers as you know the way to deal with them easily. Thanks to the reverse phone numbers lookup service!

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