Save Your Job When Others Around You Lose Them

Rhode Island is an ecstatic state located ideally in the New England province of the United States of America. It is the smallest state in the United States in terms of the area it covers. This state is often referred as “The Ocean State”. State labor laws have been adopted in this state too. These laws have been implemented to preserve the rights of workers in this state. If you are an employee in this state then you must go through the state labor law in Rhode Island.

So inevitable and imminently you’ll decide to hire an admin person. Well, now there’s more paper work to be able to hire someone, figure out the hole W-2 thing, look into företagsöverlåtelse, find the right person, pay them, and finally manage them day after day.

Here is a great time management concept: Every time you say “YES” to something in your life, you are saying “NO” to everything else. Similarly every time you say YES to someone in your life you are saying NO best labor laws to everyone else.

You are a business owner. No longer an MLM’er really, not a MLM distributor…You are a business owner. You own a business that has matured into a profitable initiative.

NOTE: I recently witnessed a VERY successful speaker divulge a lesson learned that catapulted her business success. She was working 100 hours per week and making really good money, but when she cut her hours to 20 hours per week, her income quadrupled! Now, this may not be typical in the sense that you will get the same result bu tit illustrates how honing her activities to only those that were productive can result in HUGE results. In essence, she was wasting 80 hours of her week! Regardless if you double, triple or even retain the same income level for a fraction of the work, pay attention to the quality of work you are doing. If you are not growing your business then you are stuck in it and that is too much like a job!

Government – Government is not designed and will ultimately fail if they try to support people. Entitlement breads laziness. People support the government. Again this is a balance because when government garners too much power, bad things happen. We are seeing this right now in the U.S. For every dollar the government spends to sustain itself, it borrows 40 cents. This model will crumble in the long run and will change.

Of course, not only did it hurt U.S. workers, it opened the door to massive abuse of labor abroad. Hungry for jobs, foreign governments courted American producers at the expense of their own people. And, now, as we all know, the majority of products that we buy are made in China or other Asian and Latin American countries. To keep costs low these nations have few laws protecting their workers and little in the way of environmental rules or product safety standards. We all know the old adage; “what goes around, comes around.” So here we are, dead pets, poison in our foods and now lead in our children’s toys.

Well, you certainly shouldn’t be over working yourself, but with a little work you will find that you feel more satisfied with yourself, and that you feel very accomplished. This is a foundation that will help you for the rest of your life.

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