The Right Business Opportunity

When the economy is strong businesses focus on business development. When the economy is weak those same businesses worry about survival. Why is that? In this article I’d like to share some ideas about what you can do to make sure your business is always growth focused rather than survival focused.

There is no definite formula in AngelList. There are different strategies that can be formulated depending on the nature and size of the business itself. But there are factors that should not be left out and it applies to all.

In order to develop your business you have to get known, and, while it is not easy to get your web pages listed within the top 20 on Google (preferably the top 10), once you have achieved that then you have potentially the whole world standing on your doorstep knocking to get in.

I think affiliates are known as the innovators out there, and that’s what keeps it moving forward. I don’t know if I could predict anything specific, but it’s going to be exciting to watch.

The thematic appeals to the left, cognitive side of the brain. It speaks to that part of us that weighs, measures and evaluates. But one size (or side) does not fit all.

Some may argue that business plans should not be the focus of your operations. I beg to differ. I think the plan needs to be right in front of you. In my opinion, it is akin to a simple daily “things to do” list. For example, on any given day you may list out that you need to go to the post office, to the office supply store, to a few meetings, send some emails, do some data entries, etc. This is your road map. If you were able to get it all done, you would have a sense of accomplishment.

Swift and decisive communication with staff is paramount. Staff usually know exactly what is going on within their company. They know sales are down, suppliers are complaining. They see the investors in the office. They will take confidence from knowing management understand the situation, are taking decisive action and are truthfully keeping everyone in the picture.

Often the most successful network marketing trainings will be available to review at a later date. While it’s best to hit the session when you can interact with the presenter, a later viewing will still give you access to the information and help you develop your marketing skills. In fact, if you find a presenter that you like, you can often look up their previous network marketing trainings and watch an entire series.

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